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in retrospect

a small retrospection:

Soul Industries Session

Shaddy (Soul Industries / Freiburg)
Agent Schwiech (Soul Industries / Tageins / Freiburg)
Florian (thursdays don’t suit very well)

Special Pre-Party Movie Screening:

MAESTRO (Paradise Garage / The Gallery / The Loft / NYC)

Bereits zum sechsten mal lädt der Yachtclub zur illustren
Donnerstagssause in das miniRocker33 ein, diesmal mit einem ganz
besonderen Doppelpack.

Aus dem schönen Breisgau haben wir Freiburgs Gralshüter in sachen Deep and Soulful Clubmusic Shaddy & Agent Schwiech zu Gast. Bereits seit vielen Jahren sind die beiden in Ihrer Heimatstadt engagiert, damit
traditionelle Clubkultur, mit Ihren Wurzeln in der New Yorker Disco- und
Chicagoer House-Szene, am leben erhalten bleibt. Sei es mit Ihren Garage Traxx Clubnächten, das (mit) Veranstalten der legendären Montags-Party Tageins oder Ihrer monatlichen Soul Industries Radioshow – die zwei stehen ein für Boogie und Deep Down über House bis Detroit Techno.

Vorab zeigen wir den Freunden der Filmkunst ein besonderes Schmankerl
und zwar MAESTRO, der preisgekrönte Dokumentarfilm über die New Yorker Disco Szene der 70er und 80er Jahre, ohne diese Clubkultur wie wir sie heute kennen wohl nicht stattfinden würde.

!!! CHECKT die letzte Soul Industries Radioshow, Host Agent Schwiech:


thursdays don’t suit very well

Zoo.TV from Tokio&NY
(freiburg zoo / super brain / tanzen und tanzen lassen)

Rob Lando
(thursday don’t suit very well)

DJ stare
(thursday don’t suit very well))

I got the ladies on my left, the beats on my right
The ladies follow me all through the night
‚Cause I’m the one with the action, the king of satisfaction


serious low key heavy bass house music

Marc Schaller (Nu Groove Rec)
Florian (Super-Deejay / Deep-Groove)

there you go, slow and emotional music, soulboogie dancin‘ and extraordinarily strange, weird or eccentric dancers on the dancfloor.


il popolo del movimento in avanti

What will you receive this evening…?

Some awesome live set from ROGLOK and
Rob Lando & Illy Bidol themselve playing great
Italo Disco and 80ties…


Transmolecularisation & superluminal communication

audio research from:

motor city drum ensemble & stare

visual research from:


you are more than welcome to join the next photon elevation society meeting in stuttgart. together with scientists from around the globe, we anticipate to debate new research results in transmolecularisation and superluminal communication through images and music. for this reason we have arranged to get two sound scientists presenting the last and upcoming audio research and one visual scientist showing us tomorrows images. this event is supposed to leave a big mark on the history of tachyon research.



After the last Italo Disco/80ties performance at N214 (Stuttgart), Rob Lando & Illy Bidol were so fascinated about this enchanting city that they decided to move here. Reasons for this arbitration were on the one hand to start up with an amazing blast of so called “Tanzveranstaltungen” where they want to share their mutual love of Italo Disco with the audience and on the other to join their passion of handmade dipped candles. Secondary Rob and Illy want to shoot their first esoteric candle dip tutorial on VHS here in Stuttgart. But anyway it dosen’t really matter what that slick dudes do in their leisure time. Much more important is that one special thursday where they’ll play some passionate and sophisticated Italo Disco & 80ties which probably will leave some unconscious girls in front of the DJ-booth. So if you are homeless, lonely, lush or even be addicted to such hilarious music you have to be there or be square.